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Lighten Up 6 Week Challenge

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What is THERMOfit?


"I have enjoyed the challenge and will continue with lots of the recipes. I now understand the concept for healthy eating and am looking forward to stepping out on my own."

Lorrain Eldridge

I haven't miss sugar one little bit. I've learnt how to choose good ingredients. Thank you so much for opening me up to a new world of health."

Beverley Dunn

"This program has turned my eating around and created better balance, structure and ease! Thanks Noni xo”

Raina Joy

Noni you are amazing!! I’m 32 weeks pregnant and feel great because of these recipes! I love using my Thermomix® and really enjoy working my way though the recipe book! 
Everyone keeps complementing me on how much energy I have and I owe it to the food I’m eating through your recipes. I can’t wait til the vegetarian cook book is out!

Kym Marie

my goal was to lose 10 kilos whilst doing this program and although for me it finished 4 weeks ago I have still maintained the healthy eating. So now after 10 weeks I have lost a total of 9.6 kilos and feeling fantastic. 

Michelle Murphy

Another brilliant meal Noni...the MEATZZA. There has not been one thing we haven’t liked (hubby too) and I have just finished week three.

Tracey Ellis-Supierz

Thank you for sharing your Thermo & PT knowledge. I’ve completed a couple of challenges over the last 5 years, yours is by far the best thing I have ever done!

Nicole Sauer

Vegetarian Program Now Available!

My Grain-Free vegetarian program has been created to guide you through the 6-steps to living a healthy lifestyle to help you lose unwanted kilos, boost your energy and support healthy digestion.

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