Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

When I hear the statement of how eating healthy can cost a lot. I do agree, but to a certain extent.

There are three key things I want to share with you that can make it easier to have quality ingredients without them costing you a limb.  These are principals I had at the forefront of my mind when I was writing my THERMOfit programs.

THERMOfit LIghten Up Challenge Week 1 Meal Plan

Meal Planning

First of all, Meal Planning, in general, is the absolute number one way to save you money on groceries. Not only do you and your family know exactly what you are having on your plate in the week ahead, there is ZERO waste!

It can be difficult and time consuming to meal plan. Searching through all the recipes across many books and online collections you have, deciding what you want to make, writing down all the ingredients from those recipes and make them into your shopping list, then heading to the shops and doing it all again the next week. Ok, let me be honest, it is an outright pain in the ass. I felt tired just typing up what is required. But it does save you money.

As a Personal Trainer, I saw people struggle to stay on track doing this every, single, week.

As a Thermomix consultant, I saw a huge need for the time and money saving aspect in relation to cooking, meal planning, and shopping.

In THERMOfit’s Lighten Up Program, I decided to solve that exact problem.

Here is how;

The Challenge includes a total Non-Perishable shopping list that lasts you the entire 6 weeks! That means you can do one big shop at the start and get all the things like Spices, Oils, Nuts, Seeds, Frozen products etc. and then each week just a quick shop needs to be done for your fruit, veggies, herbs and meats/seafood.

This makes it easier to then shop around and see what places have the best price (per Kilo) of the things you need. 


Unhealthy Hamburger, fast food. What is the value of your food. Healthy Hamburger, Nutrient rich food is more valuable.






The value of food vs the cost

Changing the way I viewed the cost of food helped me a lot.

Instead of asking myself the question; “Why does healthy food cost so much?”

I started to ask myself this question; “How can unhealthy food be so cheap?”

When I started to view food in its VALUE rather than its COST, it all changed.

Thinking about how that food would or wouldn’t nourish me and how it had been grown, manufactured and processed before it got to the point of purchase means more to me than the cost of it.

Looking at the actual ingredients in food that were going to nourish my body versus the fillers or synthesized ingredients that made up the cheaper alternatives helped me to view the value of food in a completely different light.


Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

Locally sourced organic produce

In THERMOfit’s program, I don’t insist on you buying everything organic because I know that it’s not a sustainable option for everyone. I leave that up to the individual to decide. It is amazing if you can, however if not, I suggest getting your fresh produce from a farmer’s market or find out how the crops are grown/sprayed and wash everything when you get it home.

There are many organic farmers out there without the title “organic”. The farmers get charged so much to have that label/certificate, so some have decided not to get that label and to just continue doing what they do. That is why it costs us so much to buy organic because the poor farmer is being charged the earth (for being kind to the earth) and then the consumer has to make up for that extra expense. It is well worth looking into what you have access to in your local area because you just might find “organic” fruit and veg that doesn’t cost you like labeled organic does.

If you want a done-for-you meal plan that helps you Lose Weight, Eat Healthily, Save Money and use your Thermomixer every day check out my Lighten Up Challenge. It offers all of these things and much more. Click here to learn more.

If you have any more tips that you use for eating healthy on a budget I would love for you to share them below.

Noni xo