Top 3 Tips to Creating Successful Goals

Use this to help plan your goals if you are yet to do so or take to the goals you have done and check to make sure you have these steps covered.



Write down a list of all the things you achieved last year, things you are proud of yourself for, or any way that you moved forward. This is important! We need to appreciate our growth and have gratitude for ourselves.

Also, write down and acknowledge any of your goals that weren’t reached last year. Don’t spend too long here or beat yourself up about these, but being honest with yourself about why you didn’t quite get there will help you avoid any of the same mistakes from 2017.



Please find attached my THERMOfit goal planning sheet to guide you with your goals.

Make sure you know your deepest reason WHY you want to achieve these first before making the goals. “I am doing this because………”

Write these in the present tense as if you have already achieved them. For example; “I weigh x kgs by x date” instead of “I want to weigh  x kgs”



These are the action steps required to achieve your goals. Take these and schedule it into your daily routine.

Example; You are currently at 80kgs and your goal is to be at 70kgs by June. There are 5 months between now and then so an average loss of 2kgs/month or 500g per week needs to be achieved.

Now that you know those details, you could focus on achieving a weekly loss of 500g by doing a morning workout 3x per week (scheduling these into your diary like appointments) and stick to your meal plan 80% of the time. (It is also a good idea to know when you want to have those 20% treat meals)

Very general example but you get the idea. When goals don’t have the HOW and the action required to get there it is simply just a wish. 

If some of your goals are around being healthier, losing weight, moving more and eating better, THERMOfit’s Challenge can help you achieve those goals this year.

I would love to be a part of you becoming a healthier version of yourself.  

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Noni xo